Manning up?

Piers Morgan makes his living and his reputation out of being controversial and his latest comments suggesting that those with mental health issues need to ‘man up’ are clearly intended to shock, offend and divide. But does he have a point? Piers Morgan was responding to statistics released for Mental Health Awareness Week that 34 […]

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Personal best

The notable story from yesterday’s London Marathon coverage has been about those runners that sacrificed their own placings at the finish line to help runners who were struggling. As well as restoring some faith in human spirit and kindness, this has also led me to think about what is ‘personal best’. Our culture places a […]

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A case of confusion

A new client starting therapy this week. Before he even opened his mouth to speak I could sense he was confused. Further investigation with this client revealed just how debilitating confusion can be. It’s not unusual to be able to read a client from their body language. There was a meme circulating recently that put […]

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Bank holiday blues

There’s nothing like going back to work after a bank holiday to remind us how mundane, boring and pointless our working lives can seem. The Easter bank holiday has its own special quality.┬áNearly everyone takes the holiday, which means when you get back to work there’s no back-log of emails, nobody missed you while you […]

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Do you remember the first time?

They say you always remember your first… My first male client… mid-50s, a successful career and family man, friendly, charming and well-connected had found himself facing court action following a road rage incident involving a neighbour. It was a minor offence and he could well afford to pay the resulting fine…but it had become the […]

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